Happy to share, Kimo is hopping into retirement for now and starting a new journey.


It’s been 2 1/2 years since Kimo landed in Las Vegas and made the rounds in our Las Vegas Community as the Ambassador of hope and encouragement for children, their families, and caregivers. The challenges our kiddos have faced are enormous. Kimo has helped keep smiles and positive attitudes for healing and getting through those rough times.


Thank you, Candy Villalta, for your talent, creativity, and commitment supporting our fun and important website from the beginning. Keeping smiles and words of wisdom and every Kimo Tuesdays a constant reminder we can be thankful for our life’s decisions and choices of positivity or not.


For all the agencies that accepted Kimo to give to their special patients in Las Vegas, we know we have made a difference in those young lives with positive affirmations through the Kimo Leads the Way(R) booklet, in addition to plush Kimo’s smile, displaying the shaka sign and wearing a fun and colorful aloha shirt.


Through the years we have met the most loving, supportive, fun and encouraging volunteers for various events, especially the Danny Gans Walk through the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, winning the largest team our first year.


Kimo took a village of family and friends to get hopping on this journey. The generosity of donations, time and support of these talented professionals are most appreciated and I will be forever grateful, always.


And to all our villagers, thank you for purchasing Kimo as fun and unique gifts to hang loose, no worries, be happy and proud to be from Hawaii reminders.


We are excited for the future and another direction to hop into. Please feel free to call me with any questions (702) 493-3002 or email oyvegaslv@gmail.com.


We still have Kimo’s available to sell for gifts and donations. We are also looking for a company or organization to purchase Kimo and all trademarks to take to the next level of success.


With Aloha, appreciation, many mahalos, and gratitude from Marcella Kimball, (my sweet mother in heaven), Kimo, Lynette, and Don Macauley.