A walk with Kimo down memory lane, April 2016

Hello to all our Kimo families, friends, fans and recipients of Kimo Leads the Way(R).


We have a very big goal to be part of the Ellen DeGeneres’s studio audience. We value her belief in non-profits, the exposure they get and the money that is raised. This is a truly big goal for us so we can continue giving to the Ronald McDonald House Las Vegas, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, Candle Lighters, American Cancer Foundation and Miracle Flights. We are looking for more agencies to donate our Kimo and booklets too while promoting having a positive mental attitude, hugging a good looking bull frog, hang loose and no worries the Aloha style way.


Enjoy the 3.15 minute video. Please like and share our www.KimoLeadsTheWay.org or Facebook Kimo Leads The Way or both. We are much closer getting to Ellen now than when we first started 1 1/2 years ago with more progress with in our community and beyond.



Thank you for your support everyone,

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