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Happy 28th wedding anniversary to Shaka Don and Lynette Macauley!

Let’s hear it for teamwork, drum roll, the band is playing, fireworks in the air, people are cheering and applauding for this special wedding anniversary day, which falls on Saturday, the 4th this year.

Over 25 years ago Lynette had an idea for a Hawaiian Las Vegas t-shirt to sell in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Community. In order for Lynette to be surrounded by the Aloha Spirit, food, music, entertainment, crafts, hula dancers, friends, and families she wanted to create something unique showing the connection of Las Vegas and Hawaii.

Consulting with her supportive husband Don, she asked him to create a happy, smiling bullfrog wearing an aloha shirt. Don gladly created who we now know as Kimo. Don added something perfect, a bullfrog displaying the shaka sign! Who knew Kimo our good looking and good luck bullfrog would morph into an Ambassador of encouragement as a NON-PROFIT for anyone undergoing the challenges of medical treatment OR even as a birthday gift, just because gift, bullfrog collectors, reminders to hang loose and no worry gift.

Mahalo Shaka Don for you unexpected and very welcomed shaka sign bullfrog Kimo. Looking forward to many more shaka years with you!!

Some of our wonderful memories…

Aloha, Mrs. Shaka Don Macauley

ADG Realty Bowling for Kimo Donation!

It’s not every day you get to meet a team of bowlers such as the ADG Realty Bowling League. What’s different with their bowling league is they have a charity fundraiser 50/50 pot that gives 50% of their pot to a charity that is chosen by the league.


I would say this is a team making a difference while bowling, total win win. Happy to have met this generous and happy group to get together every week and bowl.

Team ADG with board members Derek & Kay Miyano, Gary & Lois Tsunoda, Gina Gomez and Evelyn Fujimoto along with 69 team members that started the Charity Fundraiser concept during Summer of 2016. Their sole purpose is to donate to charities such as Kimo Leads the Way. Their donation will support making more Kimos and Booklets for us to donate to our affiliates, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, the Candle Lighters, and Miracle Flights to give to the children and their families. We are appreciative and grateful for your generosity and it was an enjoyable evening saying hello to everyone.


adgrealtylogoADG Realty is located at 4604 W. Sahara Ave #3, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 315-6100. They truly take care of their customers like family.

Consider checking them out for Real Estate, Management and more.

Thank you for your generosity ADG Realty Bowling League, And thank you Lois Tsunoda for inviting me for the donation. I appreciate you.