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Meet our handsome, hang loose smiling Kimo with a “K” now available for gifts and souvenirs

Meet our handsome, hang loose smiling Kimo with a “K” now available for gifts and souvenirs

Proud to announce this November will be the 2nd year anniversary for Kimo Leads the Way(R).

Over the past 1 1/2 years, it has been interesting to discover as I tell my family, friends, agencies and new acquaintances about Kimo Leads the Way(R) everyone automatically thinks Chemotherapy right from the start, and that I recently named Kimo for our non-profit 501 (c) (3).

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Believing in Miracles, Miracle Flights that is


Several weeks ago Kimo Leads the Way was part of another huge festival in Craig’s Ranch Park in No. Las Vegas. It was a combination of a car show of 500, a Taco Fest where you had to wait an hour to get your order and Fighting United, a nonprofit organization that brings together other nonprofits to get exposure to large crowds. The booth space is in kind to us. We had an opportunity to interact with other nonprofit agencies and collaborate possibly our similar missions and visions.

Meet Melanie Marcano the Resource Development Manager for Miracle Flights and Brooke Freeman the Community Outreach officer for Miracle Flights, destination….hope


Miracle Flights Save Lives as they enable children with rare and life-threatening medical conditions gain access to specialized, distant medical care that can best help them. FREE COMMERCIAL AIRLINE TICKETS ARE PROVIDED to those who are seeking second opinions, treatment and follow-up care at medical facilities across the U.S., as many times as needed.

We are proud to announce we will be working together with Miracle Flights. To get those children going on those flights and 20161121_123224their parents a plush Kimo and booklet, Kimo Leads the Way(R), to provide those positive affirmations and Kimo to hug and hold during their trips.

We are extremely proud to partner up with Miracle Flights along with Candle Lighters, American Cancer Society and the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Kimo rocks!

All the best to Kimo fans.