Kimo get his wish through “Make a Wish Foundation”

Another amazing opportunity is in store for Kimo Leads the Way..Yep, this is good good good!

Drum roll… Kimo is now PROUDLY part of the Make a Wish Foundation in Las Vegas… We are beyond proud and happy for several reasons.

It has always been the vision and mission (wish) of KLtW to PERSONALLY give the children and their parents
our encouraging plush Kimo along with the booklet, Kimo Leads the Way IN PERSON!

Because of the privacy HIPPA laws this has prevented us from personally donating to them. Gratefully, with the support of our affiliates, they have been able to meet with the families, giving Kimo to over 300 families. Presently in addition to those agencies, now I personally will give Kimo away to those families, in person while putting a smile on their faces and encouraging words with our wish kids and their parents.
OUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. Thank you Make a Wish Foundation.

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