Make A Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House

I have really really exciting news.. Kimo Leads the Way is now part of the Make A Wish Foundation of So. Nevada…Yep, they love love love Kimo and have opened the door for Kimo to spread smiles, encouragement and hope. I was asked to take the next volunteer class in order that (drum roll)

I personally will be giving each child a Kimo and booklet and tell Kimo’s story to help each child and family. Plus, Kimo is now a member of the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. They gave me a tour of their beautiful property that feels like more like home. Also a big piece of delicious cake they get every Tuesday from a bakery. Yummy. The set up is homey, loving, comfortable with many benefits for staying there.

We look forward to giving many more Kimos and booklets to our special children and their families. Thank you everyone for your support. Stay tuned Go Fund Me fundraiser is coming for Kimo Leads the Way. We are very excited!


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