Meet our handsome, hang loose smiling Kimo with a “K” now available for gifts and souvenirs

Proud to announce this November will be the 2nd year anniversary for Kimo Leads the Way(R).

Over the past 1 1/2 years, it has been interesting to discover as I tell my family, friends, agencies and new acquaintances about Kimo Leads the Way(R) everyone automatically thinks Chemotherapy right from the start, and that I recently named Kimo for our non-profit 501 (c) (3).


Nope, not so. Kimo has been around a very long time. The name Kimo in English, James or Jim, a very popular name in Hawaii I will add. I chose that name at the time because it was popular and relate-able.


Ah ha, for the record, Kimo artwork was originally designed 25 years ago for the purpose to be silk screened on adult t-shirts and children’s t-shirts sold with success in the Las Vegas Pacific Islander Community, aka the Ninth Hawaiian Island(R).


For 4 or 5 years Kimo t-shirts sold at various Las Vegas Hawaiian events and concerts while putting smiles on faces. No worries, hang loose, I got your back, I hear you and other expressions understood by the SHAKA SIGN was popular and recognizable.


As life and business decisions change with the times, fast forward 25 years. For the past 5 years, I had the notion of bringing back our Kimo in a way to support our children, their families and our community in a new important role. Kimo was brought back and is making a difference in the families of children faced with life-threatening diseases while undergoing treatments for their cures. A scary and uncertain time.


We have been donating our 9 inch Kimo along with a booklet of positive affirmations in English and Spanish to various agencies in Las Vegas, the Candlelighters, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, the Ronald McDonald House and other agencies.


Yep, Kimo with a K is putting hope and encouragement into the lives of everyone facing those challenges. AND because Kimo was designed with the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit in mind, Kimo is now available for purchase downtown Las Vegas at the Main Street Station and The California Hotel gift shops as a souvenir. Booklets not included. All wholesale orders go back to KltW.



Check out our online store for Kimo plush including the booklet of affirmations and Kimo t-shirts. We are always accepting donations to create more Kimos and booklets to donate. Thank you for your donations.


Hip Hip Hurray for Kimo becoming a celebrity!

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